We’re very fortunate here at Gamma Minus to welcome Luccas Schmigel to the team! Luccas is in charge of creating the characters of Cold Comfort. Not only the Survivors, but the Gamma Prime as well. Some of his exclusive work for the Cold Comfort will be posted soon, so make sure to check back!

CC: Could you tell us a little bit about  yourself?
Luccas: Iam a 3D artist from Brazil. I graduated in Graphic Design about 10 years ago, but I went back to the Motion Graphics stuff. My passion for games made me pursue studies in games and 3D.

CC: What originally made you want to become a 3D Artist?
Luccas: Firstly I started studying 3D to create 3D animations. But after a few years I started to focus more on modeling and texturing.

CC: What do you think an aspiring game artist should do, in order to learn the necessary skills for game art?
Luccas: Practice. Practice a lot. I used to be one of those people who watched many tutorials but did not practice. This is a big mistake and will only slow you down your progress. It’s great to see tutorials, but you need to put it all into practice. Do not worry about quality right at the beginning. Try to do as much work as possible and the quality will come in time.

CC: What programs do you use, for creating the graphics for a game?
Luccas: Zbrush, Modo and Xnormal.

CC: How would you describe your approach to design?
Luccas: I believe that all art must serve some purpose. So before you think about whether it is aesthetically acceptable, consider whether the art created is functional.

CC: All along your career as a game artist, did you have a role model? Someone you look up to, learn from and get inspired by?
Luccas: Certainly. My inspirations are many, but I can mention Rafael Grassetti, Glauco Longhi, Natalia P. Gutiérrez, Ricardo Luiz Mariano. And my teachers Andre Castro and Rafael Souza.

CC: What would you say is your strongest skill and how have you honed that skill over the years?
Luccas: I’d say I have a good eye for composition. This has built over the years of both observing art and graphic design materials.

CC:Do you find that a game artist has more work opportunities, if he/she knows both 2D and 3D?
Luccas: Sure. I believe one area complements the other. Everyone who knows 2d and 3d becomes a more complete artist.

CC: Which types of characters do you have the most fun creating?
Luccas: I like human characters. I believe that there is a mysterious beauty in every human being. Which is extremely difficult to portray. I appreciate the work of artists who can create a lot of appeal in characters.

CC: what types project do you enjoy working on the most?
Luccas: I like the projects in which I feel I am part of. I like to comment on all areas and also I like that professionals from other areas have an opinion about my work.

CC: what are your thoughts on specialization vs generalization?
Luccas: I believe it’s important to have some area where the professional really is very good. But I also believe that the human being is a very intelligent machine and it is very possible to know more than just one area. If you are an artist and want to learn programming, why not? The human brain is unlimited. Dont focus in just one craft.

CC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Luccas: I want to have a lot more experience with game art and posible have my own indie game studio. If possible I want to move from Brazil to live new experiences.

CC: What games have influenced you as an artist?
Luccas: Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and the amazing games from Nintendo.

CC: And finally, what games are you currently playing?
Luccas: Dont have much time lately. But I can say with certainty: Overwatch.

You can check out Luccas’ portfolio on his personal website here,  and follow him on Arstation or Twitter.

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