Welcome to Cold Comfort!
We want this game and its community for you to be a friendly environment. A place where you can give gameplay advice and converse about any other aspects of the game with other players and discuss Cold Comfort with other members of the community and our staff members. This can only work when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behavior we expect from you and every other community member.

Your use of the game, Steam Hub and/or Cold Comfort Discord or other places where the community gets together constitutes acceptance and agreement to this Code of Conduct.

General Forum Guidelines

1. Your opinion – My Opinion:
You can disagree with anything but please keep your disagreements respectful, courteous, and polite.

2. Be Constructive:
Please stay on-topic and make your posts as informative, constructive and valuable as possible.

3. No Personal Attacks:
We are all different and therefore we all need to practice tolerance. This means treating everyone with respect, just as you wish to be treated by other community members.

4. Colorful Language:
Keep it appropriate. We all know the feeling but this will be a place for everyone.

5. Trolls:
There will be trolls, we know that. Nevertheless, we won’t tolerate rudeness or downright harassment. Those are a sure-fire way to find yourself on the outside looking in.

Everything is in a constant state of change and this Code of Conduct will be updated in the future. As such, the rules above are a general guideline and we recommend looking up our rules every now and then.

The following categories include both, clear and masked language as well as links to websites containing content such as the one listed below, but are not limited to those examples!

Violations of the Code of Conduct

Signatures, avatars, banners, titles and other images must also follow our rules. Circumventing the swear filter in any way is not permitted.

No Inappropriate Content
This includes any posts containing; profanity, obscenity, language or content deemed illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist or ethically offensive. Any use of this type of content will result in a warning or, in severe or persistent cases, a ban.

No Harassment
This includes any kind of personal attack or insult, flame or intimidation. This applies to both, written text and images. If you believe you are being insulted or otherwise flamed by another user, please contact the community staff.

No Trolling
Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest as well as causing disturbances such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread or insulting other players.

No Spamming
Repeatedly posting the same post or topic, or across multiple forums, is considered spamming. Intentional off topic or nonsense posting is also likely to be considered spam. Such posts will be locked, edited or removed.

No Real Money Trading, Account Sharing And Selling
We won’t allow buying or selling in-game currency, items or services as well as accounts for real money or sharing accounts with other players.

No Advertising
Posts advertising non-beneficial, non-Cold Comfort-related businesses, organizations, or websites are not permitted. We will, however, allow constructive discussions of other games in the correct sections.

No Cheating / Modding / Hacking
Hereby we mean running modified versions of the game client or running a third-party software providing unfair advantages (wallhacks, aimbots, …) as well as malicious programs.

No Illegal Activities
References to performing or planning illegal activities or activities that may violate any local, state, national, or international laws or regulations.

No Impersonation
Passing yourself off as any other player or as a Gamma Minus employee is strictly forbidden.

When a breach of the Code of Conduct occurs administration and moderation will investigate further and may decide to take one of the following actions:

*a temporary ban or
*a final warning, after which any further violations may result in a permanent ban or
*a permanent ban

Any in-game suspension or ban will be duplicated on any other platform. Circumventing a temporary ban will also result in a permanent one. Gamma Minus reserves the right to suspend your access to these platforms at any time for reasons that include, but are not limited to, your failure to abide by this Code of Conduct. Any finalized decision may be based on the offending posters history.

If you have a question or wish to dispute an account sanction, please contact the Community Staff or email us @

We, the Cold Comfort team, believe that our game community should be truly open for everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity. Everybody has the right to play games, criticize games and make games without getting harassed or threatened. It is the diversity of our community that allows our game to flourish.

To make a long story short – “Be excellent to each other”!

Community Lead