We’re very excited to reveal to you what we have in store for Cold Comfort. Our firm dedication to create an all-encompassing immersive experience for the players takes form in this roadmap.

The goal of this roadmap is to refine and polish the experience of the core framework we create post-launch.

Please note that this list is aspirational, and intended to provide an overview of our intentions for the game as it evolves. It is not a promise or guarantee that these features will be added within the outlined intervals, or that they will be added at all.

Keep in mind that this is a living list, and as such will constantly change. Things will be added, moved, and removed. Also, this list is not meant to be all-encompassing — at any given time, we are likely working on things that are not on this list. And finally, we may also work on things in secret and exclude this from the list so that they are more of a surprise!

WARNING: Although we strive to keep this list as spoiler-free as possible, please keep in mind that by reading this list you may be spoiling the surprise if and when some of these features do end up being implemented.