Procuring a viable cure is essential for the continuation of our species. The Vyal Corporation has developed a community based virus research and eradicator program for this purpose.

Currently there are no vaccines, although blood transfusion from a survivor can improve the survival rate of an infected individual. Two potential vaccines are currently being investigated, and are undergoing human safety testing. More research on other potential treatments are being considered, which include blood products, immune therapies, and drug therapies.

Research and development into easier diagnosis using a rapid diagnostic kit (R.D.K. A.K.A. Eradiclicker) is being conducted by The Vyal Corporation. In March 2017 the company announced a partnership with Tytan Corporation to combine two existing technologies to support the current outbreak research. One is a test that can detect the virus within minutes, and the other is a mobile device that can analyze and upload results to a central data system. Current tests are biological hazards, and often have to be sent away for laboratory tests. The availability of a field lab test would enable much quicker responses to future epidemics, allowing for early intervention to limit the spread of the virus.

The rapid diagnostic kit contains a library of guidance resources in a single place which can be quickly and easily accessed, to guide action. A key purpose of the rapid diagnostic kit is to support countries in the reactivation of health services which may have suffered as a result of the emergency. These services include ongoing programs such as immunization and vaccinations, maternal and child health services, and noncommunicable diseases. But in addition, and because the diagnostic toolkit contains core information needed to achieve functioning national health systems, it also supports countries to implement their national health plans during the recovery phase of a public health emergency.