RazeDox Plays Prototype

August 30, 2020/by Jezza

Indie Arena Booth 2020

August 15, 2020/by Jezza

Indie Zone NRW

August 15, 2020/by Jezza


July 8, 2020/by Jezza

Steam Page

April 18, 2020/by Jezza

Stay Safe Jam

March 22, 2020/by Jezza

Spielfabrique Accelerator Program

March 6, 2020/by Jezza

Sofia Game Jam

February 7, 2020/by Jezza

Punchknuckle Interview

January 19, 2020/by Jezza

Game Connection Recap

November 18, 2019/by Jezza


November 14, 2019/by Jezza


October 23, 2019/by Jezza


October 21, 2019/by Jezza


October 14, 2019/by Jezza

Menu Design

September 23, 2019/by Jezza

Baltic Dev Days Recap

September 19, 2019/by Jezza

Gamescom19 PostMortem

August 26, 2019/by Jezza

Gamescom 2019

August 12, 2019/by Xaiydee

Zombies be Zombies

July 22, 2019/by Xaiydee

Matriarch Animations

July 15, 2019/by Jezza

Yearling 1911 Standard

June 17, 2019/by Jezza

Modular AI and You

June 16, 2019/by Xaiydee

Alley Props

June 3, 2019/by Jezza

Dink .38

May 27, 2019/by Jezza

Upcoming Events 19

May 24, 2019/by Jezza

Jet Injector

May 18, 2019/by Jezza


April 29, 2019/by Jezza

Survivor Interaction Animations

April 16, 2019/by Jezza

Quo Vadis Reboot

April 7, 2019/by Jezza


April 1, 2019/by Jezza

GDC ’19: Post Mortem

March 29, 2019/by Jezza


February 11, 2019/by Jezza


February 7, 2019/by Jezza


January 3, 2019/by Jezza


December 22, 2018/by Jezza


December 20, 2018/by Jezza


December 8, 2018/by Jezza

DEV DIARY #9 :Optimal Optimization

November 6, 2018/by Jezza

Killjoy Arcade Eye Candy

November 3, 2018/by Jezza

Boxes Galore

September 8, 2018/by Jezza

Post Gamescom 2018

August 31, 2018/by Jezza


August 15, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with 3D Artist Omar Chaouch

August 3, 2018/by Xaiydee

Gyfcat Interview

July 10, 2018/by Jezza

Pixel Issue Interview

July 10, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with Animator David James Ruth

June 8, 2018/by Xaiydee


June 4, 2018/by Xaiydee

Community Feedback Pre-Alpha

June 1, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with Animator and Rigger Felix Meier

May 18, 2018/by Xaiydee

Nectar Wombat

May 8, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with Concept Artist Tibor Sulyok

May 4, 2018/by Xaiydee

Spartan 3D Model

April 30, 2018/by Jezza

Dev Diary #8: Keep On Keepin’ On

April 23, 2018/by Jezza

Meet Monica

April 6, 2018/by Jezza

Trivia: Round 03

April 3, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with Animator Jeffry Syahputra Wy

March 23, 2018/by Xaiydee

Pug Concept Art

March 20, 2018/by Jezza

Devlog: Brute Rage Animation

March 6, 2018/by Xaiydee

Devlog: Angers Prison Corridor

March 5, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with 3D Artist Theo Domon

March 2, 2018/by Jezza

Stage IV

February 27, 2018/by Xaiydee

Interview with Concept Artist Damien Nagy

February 23, 2018/by Jezza

Interview with 3D Artist Jacob Waggoner

February 16, 2018/by Jezza

Devlog: Modular Stairwell

February 16, 2018/by Jezza

“Name For A Game” Arcade Names Poll

February 8, 2018/by Xaiydee


December 20, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #7: Bangin’ It Out

December 18, 2017/by Jezza

Interview with a Technical Artist

December 15, 2017/by Jezza


December 11, 2017/by Jezza

Angers Map Concept

December 4, 2017/by Jezza


November 27, 2017/by Jezza

A Crossfade to Terror Teaser: Church

November 22, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #6: Crunchin’

November 20, 2017/by Jezza

Devstream #03

October 23, 2017/by Jezza

Trivia: Round 02

October 20, 2017/by Jezza

Devstream #03 Announcement

October 17, 2017/by Jezza


October 14, 2017/by Jezza

Cold Comfort Main Theme

October 11, 2017/by Jezza


September 28, 2017/by Jezza

Holliday Character Study

September 26, 2017/by Jezza

Raouf Rectobiasi

September 25, 2017/by Jezza

SKL-9 Pistol

September 12, 2017/by Jezza

Seneca Screenshots

September 8, 2017/by Jezza


September 7, 2017/by Jezza

Trivia: Round 01

September 5, 2017/by Jezza


September 4, 2017/by Jezza

Seneca: Commercial District

September 3, 2017/by Jezza

Seneca: Factory District

August 30, 2017/by Jezza

Riot Shield

August 24, 2017/by Jezza

Shotgun Speed Texturing

August 24, 2017/by Jezza

Devstream #02

August 23, 2017/by Jezza


August 14, 2017/by Jezza

Seneca Screenshots

August 10, 2017/by Jezza

Devstream #01

August 5, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Stream Poll

August 3, 2017/by Jezza


August 1, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #5: Growing Pains

July 27, 2017/by Jezza


July 21, 2017/by Jezza

Weapon Locker

July 7, 2017/by Jezza

Cold Comfort Discord Community

July 5, 2017/by Jezza

Weapons Teaser

June 25, 2017/by Jezza

Strata Vector

June 22, 2017/by Jezza

Speed Animation/Timelapse Barricade

June 13, 2017/by Jezza

Speed Modeling/Timelapse Revolver

June 4, 2017/by Jezza

Vyal Trailer: Journey

June 2, 2017/by Jezza

Firearms and Mods – WIP

May 24, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #4: Animation & HUD

May 22, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #3: Roadmap

May 19, 2017/by Jezza

Interview with a 3D Artist

May 15, 2017/by Jezza

Vyal Trailer: Friend

May 15, 2017/by Jezza

Steam Greenlight

May 12, 2017/by Jezza

Interview with Author Jared Gniewek

May 11, 2017/by Jezza

TRANSIT Map Fly-Through

April 21, 2017/by Jezza

Melee Weapons Showcase

April 21, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #2: The Road So Far

April 20, 2017/by Jezza
Used with explicit permission from Joakim Olofson

Concept Art of Joakim Olofsson

April 19, 2017/by Jezza

Interview with 3D Artist Luccas Schmigel

April 18, 2017/by Jezza

Transit WIP Screenshots- II

April 6, 2017/by Jezza

Audio Companion: A Crossfade to Terror

April 6, 2017/by Jezza

Vyal Trailer: Knowledge

April 4, 2017/by Jezza

3D Model: Insane

April 4, 2017/by Jezza

Concept Art: Angers

April 3, 2017/by Jezza

Public Service Announcement

March 28, 2017/by Jezza

Zombie Sketch – Infector

March 24, 2017/by Jezza

Transit WIP Screenshots

March 20, 2017/by Jezza

Dev Diary #1: Graphic Engine

March 20, 2017/by Jezza

Eradiclicker WIP v1.0.0

January 3, 2017/by Jezza

Audio Entry #01: Lulla-BYE

December 14, 2016/by Jezza