What is Cold Comfort?

Cold Comfort is an asymmetrical, tactical multiplayer (5v5) first-person zombie FPS currently under development. Check out the overview for more info.

How much will the game cost?

The price is not set, yet and will be decided upon once we are further along in the development cycle.

What languages will be supported?

Full Audio/Interface/Sub: English; Interface/Sub: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese.

Do you have a release date for the full game, yet?

We’re hoping for a release in 2019/2020  but can’t be more specific as of now.

When will the Closed Alpha start?

We’re estimating the Alpha towards the end of 2019. Once we get closer to the release date we will announce it in our Discord community channel.

How can I get Closed Alpha access?

If you are one of the first 1,000 people to join our Discord Community Server, you will be granted access to our Closed Alpha.

What is the Gamma Alpha status?

The initial 1000 members of our Discord Community Channel will be granted Closed Alpha access. Those are the Gamma Alpha.

What is the Gamma Ultra status?

Members of our Discord Community channel can create their own invite link – set to never expire. If they bring 10 other players into our Discord they will become Gamma Ultra and will receive a special in-game weapon skin. and access to a very secret channel with sneak peeks every now and then.

Will we be able to make videos/streams from the Closed Alpha?

We are planning on having exclusive partners that will be allowed to stream Closed Alpha gameplay, initially. If you are interested, contact us here.

What sort of feedback are you hoping to get from the Alpha?

Mostly balancing, testing gameplay mechanics, server data comparison and usage.

So if I sign up, I get a game? For free?

The initial 1,000 members of our community discord will be granted Closed Alpha access. You will not be receiving the full game due to your participation. Sorry! Devs gotta make a living, too 😉

What are the minimum system requirements for Cold Comfort?

Once we have analyzed the the initial Closed Alpha data we will have a basis for our minimum system requirements.

What platforms will Cold Comfort be released on?

We are initially concentrating on the release for PC, with the hope of having multiple platforms available later on.

What game engine is Cold Comfort developed with?

We are using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

What graphical options will be available for the full game?

Once we have completed the Closed Alpha and have analyzed the data, we will have a clearer idea of the graphic option variables. Presently, we are running a number of GFX tests and working on optimization.

Will there be a slide meter that’ll allows us to control gore?

We will be implementing an IP based gore setting due to certain rules and restrictions from particular countries. Additionally, there will be an in-game option to turn it “off” if for example, you live in a country were the gore factor is not a consideration and you would like to turn it off.

Will there be a Kickstarter campaign?

Yes, we are planning on running a Kickstarter campaign. Thus said it will not be to fund the game itself, but further development and extras. Make sure to check out our NEWS section, or subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to be kept up to date.

Will Cold Comfort be available on Steam?

Yes, we are planning to make Cold Comfort available on Steam. Presently there is a Steam Group which you can join.

Will there be achievements?

Achievements? You want achievements?! We have a buttload of ’em!!!

Will there be trading cards?

Yes, we are planning on having trading cards. And Backgrounds. And Emoticons, and all the good stuff!

Will we find Easter eggs in the game?

Not much of a great find if we’d tell you beforehand, right. 🙂

Will there be single player content?

As of now we are focusing on the core of the game, which is 5v5 multiplayer. However, we do have ideas in our heads regarding single player content. This is a matter of time and success.

What additional lore will there be?

We are producing an audio novel entitled “A Crossfade to Terror” as well as planning a Cold Comfort companion graphic novel.

Will there be a companion app?

We are planning out an iPhone and Android version of our companion app. Players will be able to change their gear and loadout, check stats, and compare their stats with friends.

How can I get in contact with you for business or press purposes?

Send us an e-mail through our contact form and we’ll be sure to get back to you!