Pre-Alpha Clips

RazeDox Plays Prototype


Weapons Teaser

Speed Animation/Timelapse Barricade

Sped up animation rigging of a zombie reaching through a barricaded window. Building (and destroying) barricades is a major part of Cold Comfort. The Survivors have an unlimited number of barricades able to be placed on windows or doors to prevent the Gamma Prime (and normal zombies) from having a line of sight, and slowing […]

Vyal Trailer: Journey

A world ravaged by a deadly virus, the Gamma Strain. Commonly known as “the sickness“, it is an infectious disease caused by a mutation of the influenza virus. The Global Center for Disease and Prevention (GDC) declared an outbreak of a new type of Gamma Strain A to be a pandemic in June 2022. Vyal Pharmaceuticals was tasked to create […]

Vyal Trailer: Friend

Vyal is one of the many factions that you’ll come across in the world of Cold Comfort. In times of uncertainty and anarchy , don’t you want to have a global pharmaceutical company on your side? Read about some of the other factions here.   Life can be difficult at times. Sometimes trying. That’s why […]

TRANSIT Map Fly-Through

Melee Weapons Showcase

Vyal Trailer: Knowledge

We are a global pharmaceutical company whose goal is to ensure that no patient shall be denied access to high quality & affordable medicine and support. We have more than 40 years of innovation and leadership in preventative and therapeutic care. This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help […]

Eradiclicker WIP v1.0.0

Eradiclicker is a companion app/meta game for Cold Comfort. In Eradiclicker, you have to eradicate (see what we did there?) various viruses, thus earning points for research which can be used to find more sustainable methods of obliterating those pesky virus. Because, let’s be serious, nobody likes viruses, right? Eradiclicker is a simple level based brain-numbing […]