Used with explicit permission from Joakim Olofson

Concept Art of Joakim Olofsson

Concept Art: Angers

Angers Corrections Facility also know as “The Château”was established in 1852 and is the oldest prison in the state of Louisiana. The prison complex sits on Point Angers, which comprises 432 acres (1.75 km2)  on the north side of Angers Bay.  Vyal Pharmaceuticals established a remote clinical testing facility under the auspices of the Louisiana Attorney General […]

Zombie Sketch – Infector

The Infector has mutated with two long tentacles instead of hands which he can use to ‘inject’ the virus directly into a player, if he gets close enough or strangle them. He is however a lot more fragile than other classes. The very talented Helge C. Balzer did the concept art.