First Mutations Sighted

The number of infected people grows again, very slowly. At that time, the strain was considered under control and people generally assumed the rise of the number of infected is due to the harsh winter.

“The Grim Relief”

The IDF maintaining the quarantine in the US despite the renegades resulted in a heavy loss of population in the country, but that also lead to much less spread of the virus to foreign countries. It is believed the Gamma Strain spreading is being vanquished by simple drugs and generally good hygiene everyday. The few infected people in Africa and Asia have either died off or are being taken care of. Global number of infected decreasing. This period is called ‘The Grim Relief’ because of the fact people understood the IDF’s choice to contain the USA despite the death of a number of its inhabitants.

IDF in Command

After the events in the US, the IDF decides to unite all people and take command over all military and first-aid deployments to better thwart the Gamma Strain spreading. The USA is still being quarantined but the rapidly decreasing population slowed its attacks against a better armed military force.

“The Great Face-Offs” in the US

Neighboring  countries (Mexico and Canada, along with support of Europe) sign a treaty and send military forces all along US borders on May 6th. Nobody is allowed to exit nor enter the country, and riots ensue in the US. Lots of rushing-out citizens are shot, ramming cars are built to crash through the barricades and international concern grows. The Church of John Brown makes itself known, and sends out private saboteurs to take down the barricades from the outside. The Church was never charged for anything law-wise as they acted smartly enough to remain legally concealed. The newly created organization between countries is now being referred to as the I.D.F. (International Defense Force) and absorbs the GDC.

US Market Crashes

The GDC is struggling to find a solution, and is asking for more and more money from the government. The country drowns into debts and threatens to pull many countries with it in its fall. Worldwide, political leaders refuse to help and prepare for their own defense against the Gamma Strain. The United States of America are becoming a giant quarantined zone.

First Cases of Gamma Strain Oversees

Central African, Middle-East and South-West Asian countries have reported cases of Gamma Strain among their population. The infected are very few, but political tensions are rising between countries.

Quarantined Die

The quarantined death count throughout the US rises.. More are showing symptoms like vomiting and nose bleeding.


The medical corps, authorities and the GDC (Global Center for Disease Control) decide to initiate the installation of quarantine zones in order to isolate Gamma Strain-infected people following the death of Patient Zero. Research is being conducted on the mutation and private laboratory Vyal is offering its help to the research effort.

Death of Patient Zero

Patient Zero is dead. People had already been contracting the same symptoms as Staff Sergeant Byron Allen since he’s been identified as the first ‘infected’, but this is the first death directly linked to the Gamma Strain.

Patient Zero

The first person affected by the Gamma Strain, Staff Sergeant Byron Allen, is identified in the USA. ‘Patient Zero’, as named by scientific representatives, is a US Marine who just came back home from an observation mission in Syria. This new Gamma Strain presents a combination of the symptoms commonly dealt with when a person contracts the recently spread influenza mutation.