CC: What originally made you want to become a graphic designer?

Ohle: Well i played video games since I was 5 and they’ve become my passion and my father was always read books for me when iwas a child harry potter etc (fantasy books) so i was really addicted to fantasy and stories. So i thought about how could I tell other ppl stories too ? and that was the point when i started to realize computer games are much more than just some fun games for beside they can be a interactive book an adventure YOU can dive into it like the next step from books. So i started 3D design because that was the place i felt addicted to in the game industry

CC: What do you think an aspiring game artist should do, in order to learn the necessary skills for game art?

Ohle: Well the most important thing you have to learn is never give up because you will think a lot about giving up but if you go through this stages of “depression” you will get better and better and one day you will make the first model you are proud of and thats the point where everything is going better and better.

But of course,  you also should learn to be patient, watch tutorials, try stuff on your own and in the first months you should copy stuff don’t try to reinvent the wheel in the first month because you need to get a feel of the software and the way you model.

Try your own stuff when you feel safe with the software and the theory of 3D art.

CC: What programs do you use, for creating the graphics for a game?

Ohle: I love to use blender since its free and it can do nearly everything what the expansive tools can do too the only negative point for me is the start with it can be difficulty and I’m using Substance Painter /designer for my texturing also a damn strong tool but it’s not for free but not that expensive it’s totally worth the money.

CC: How would you describe your approach to design?

Ohle: I’m really addicted to 3D design because mostly you work with concepts that other did for you or you have done by yourself but you still have to add your own ideas to it and give a cube life and emotions.

CC: All along your career as a game artist, did you have a role model? Someone you look up to, learn from and get inspired by?

Ohle: Hmmm… good question but no not really because I took the best from all places in my learning process. But I’m working on my own Game project Codename Distopia and its a cyberpunk sci fi RPG and i started this project only because of one guy that’s Kavinsky because his music was so damn inspiring me that i had to do this! But music is mostly my weak spot 😀

CC: what would you say is your strongest skill and how have you honed that skill over the years?

Ohle: My strongest skills are my teamplay and leadership.  Seriously though, 3D modeling is something nearly everyone could learn if you have patience. But teamplay and leadership is something you not learn with tutorials because the life is teaching you this and mostly you can’t say hey life teach me how teamplay works!

CC: Do you find that a game artist has more work opportunities, if he/she knows both 2D and 3D?

Ohle: Yes definitely, they have because you can do your own concepts and really great concepts as well that’s a huge + point.

CC: What types project do you enjoy working on the most?

Ohle: Projects with a good leadership and teamplay because I don’t care if i work on a medieval, sci-fi or realistic setting because everything of this is interesting for me since i will always learn new.

CC: What are your thoughts on specialization vs. generalization?

Ohle: Well both are nice because there are different types of humans some like to stick to their fantasy medieval world and love to work in it and other sci fi etc. and again other like me love to learn different genres and emotions that fill the world of these genres.

CC: What games have influenced you as an artist?


-Baldur’s gate: I loved the combat system the world and the deep rpg features it has and ofc the story.

-Diablo: Well it was one of my first games ever and im rly sure i love Loot and Leveling up since that game!

-Destiny: Rly smooth and polished gameplay awesome graphic style great aesthetics.

-Morrowind: One of the best RPG I’ve ever played and really rare living world in my feelings

-Zelda: Well my first gameboy game and one of my first games i was addicted too 😀

-Fable: Lovely artstyle and a lot of freedom and choices

-Landstalker: Nice soundtrack! And a cly special soundtrack i loved

-Warcraft: Well hours of lan parties go into this masterpiece of storytelling!

-MGS series: Nice gameplay deep story and rly nice aesthetics

-Splinter cell series: Nice stealth gameplay like in MGS rly polished.

CC: And finally, what games are you currently playing?

Ohle: Archeage & God Eater 2 rage burst

We’re totally stoked here at Gamma Minus to welcome Ohle to the team! You can follow him on Artstation, Sketchfab and Twitter.

Make sure to check out some of the great melee weapons he’s created for Cold Comfort here!

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