Vyal Trailer: Journey

A world ravaged by a deadly virus, the Gamma Strain. Commonly known as “the sickness“, it is an infectious disease caused by a mutation of the influenza virus. The Global Center for Disease and Prevention (GDC) declared an outbreak of a new type of Gamma Strain A to be a pandemic in June 2022.

Vyal Pharmaceuticals was tasked to create a vaccine to stop the spread of this vicious virus. Initial test subjects were shown to have a 100% recovery rate, and an end to this global pandemic was in sight. Due to the positive preliminary testing, Vyal stocks rose significantly, and they released their perspective pricing scheme for the global roll out of the vaccine, which was met with outrage.

For many, the price of the vaccine was morally reproachable. Can you put a price on the very existence of humanity? Well, Vyal did.


We’ve been with you for four decades.

Inspiring a better world.

Travelling the endless path of progress.

In pursuit of true innovation.

We’ve been with you from their first heartbeat.

To the moment they start their own journey.

Protecting you and your world.

So you can make the most of every second.

Here’s to 40 years, and here’s to 40 more.


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