The Tytan SKL-9, 9×19 is striker-fired Pistol and it’s special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) resets the firing-pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round fired in Double Action. After a misfire there is no need to rack the slide, a second striker action can be initiated by simply pulling the trigger again.

The bore axis of the The Tytan SKL-9, 9×19 is extremely low. This guarantees a felt recoil reduction and the fastest possible target acquisition after every round fired. The barrel and slide are machined from solid stainless steel bars and undergo a special surface treatment to guarantee extreme hardness and corrosion resistance. All remaining metal parts within the system are also treated with special anti-friction and anti-corrosion processes. This allows us to give an extended 50.000 rounds guarantee on all main parts of the pistol.

The Tytan SKL-9 semi-automatic service pistol combines the latest developments and features of cutting edge firearm technology not only with regards to quality standards, precision and durability but also considering the strictest safety requirements. The extremely hard and anti-corrosive slide can be disconnected from the Polymer Lower Receiver without the need to pull the trigger. This can be considered an additional passive safety – just like the pistol’s ability to allow consecutive striker actions (real double action) without the need to rack the slide.

The AK-47 is just one of the many weapons that you’ll be able to use in Cold Comfort. You can check out some more firearms here, and the melee weapon overview here.

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