The mutation of the Gamma Strain affects individuals differently. Whereas the majority of the infected populous succumbs to the rapid progression of the mutation, others have been genetically altered, thus creating the Gamma Prime. These subjects have varying abilities and skills, and have been classified as mutants. Presently there are a total of five genetic anomalies, however there have been rumors of more.

Pug relies heavily on his sense of smell, and can track victims. He is also very agile, allowing him to sneak up on Survivors. His hunkered down appearance makes him harder to hit and spot. He has the ability to sense the survivor trails, pounce, mark territory (effectively calling the horde to his location) as well as the utilization of lock jaw, which allows him to bite and hold onto his victims.

This concept art was done by the very talented Tibor Sulyok. You can follow him on artstation and twitter for and spread the love.