The Cold Comfort Rewards program is the ultimate rewards program for Cold Comfort fans. It’s free to join and allows you to earn credits for the things you already do, like tuning in to live streams, staying in the know on our website, interacting with us on our social channels, and much more. You can use credits toward your choice of exclusive rewards – our gift to you for being our biggest supporters!

Simply create an account, check out the Activities page and get started!

Once you have enough points to redeem a reward, simply click the Redeem button located on the reward detail page and follow the checkout instructions. You will receive a confirmation email once redemption is complete.

Digital rewards will be included on the confirmation page as well as your History page, while any physical rewards will be mailed out to the address you provided. In the event that we need to provide you with further instructions, you will receive a separate email from a Gamma Minus representative.

Your Redeemable Points are the number of points you have available to redeem rewards. This number decreases with each reward you redeem.

Your Lifetime Credits display the number of credits that you have earned since you became a member. This number will never decrease.

No, you cannot transfer or sell points or redeemed rewards to anyone else in the program. Accounts suspected of this will lead to forfeiture of acquired points and possible suspension or termination of the account

Progress is closely monitored, and suspicious activity is easily detected. Cheating will not be tolerated, and beating the system by creating a workaround, writing a script, or creating multiple accounts to earn credits for friend referrals is not allowed. The aim is to ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone. Accounts suspected of cheating will lead to forfeiture of acquired credits and possible suspension or termination of the account.

If you change your mind about a reward you’ve redeemed, you will not be able to return it. Please make sure you double-check the items in your rewards cart prior to redeeming any rewards.

Now that you’ve successfully synced your social network and rewards accounts, show your support and start earning points by simply liking and following us on our applicable social channels. We’ll give you points and will refresh them each month you remain a fan. Easy enough, right? Head over to the Activities page and get started!

In order to start earning points for your online activities on social networks, you’ll need to sync your rewards account. Head over to your Account Profile and connect to all available social networks for points.

If for some reason you want to disconnect your social accounts from the program, simply click the Disconnect link in the same section. Keep in mind that you’ll also lose the associated points once you’re disconnected.

Check out the Activities page to learn how you can earn points for activities you do every day!

If you want to be first to hear about new game content, rewards, and official announcements, we highly recommend you opt in to our email list; it’s our most direct way of communicating with you!

If you didn’t sign up when you first joined the program, head over to Account Settings, switch the notification tab preference to On, and be on the lookout for an update soon!

In order to unsubscribe from Cold Comfort Rewards emails, access the Settings section of your Account Profile page and uncheck the Email box.

If you’re having trouble earning points, please contact a customer support representative at Gamma Minus.

You can earn points for most web-based activities on mobile devices but you’ll need to disable private browsing on your mobile browser. Check your mobile browser settings on your phone to ensure it will always accept cookies.