Eradiclicker WIP v1.0.0

Eradiclicker is a companion app/meta game for Cold Comfort. In Eradiclicker, you have to eradicate (see what we did there?) various viruses, thus earning points for research which can be used to find more sustainable methods of obliterating those pesky virus. Because, let’s be serious, nobody likes viruses, right?

Eradiclicker is a simple level based brain-numbing experience akin to cookie cutter and the like but with viruses! After every level completed, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of how many viruses you destroyed, which ones, and info on various viruses, like tidbits of virus wisdom, ya know, for the kids to learn and stuff. This meta game will tie into the ACTUAL game (Cold Comfort) and you’ll be able to purchase cosmetic upgrades with points that you’ve accumulated in Eradiclicker.


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