3D Model: Insane

The effects of the Gamma Strain Mutation can vary from case to case. Subjects are stimulus-response creatures that seek flesh, implying that the pathogen has acted to re-animate the existing neural pathways and motor functions in some way. The sensory systems that are re-activated are capable of distinguishing four key elements: flesh vs non-flesh; species, infected vs uninfected. The virus does not create any new systems, but merely hijacks existing ones.

All case studies have shown that contracting the Gamma Strain Mutation (GSM) is terminal. It is presumed, in theory, that the hijacking process can be slowed or even halted with proper medical treatment, although no case studies have been linked to verifiable proof.  Vyal Pharmaceuticals is currently working on an antidote for the GSM in their research facility in Upstate New York.

It is assumed that the infection of the medulla oblogata, where most automatic processes are regulated, is what results in cario-pulmonary death, followed shortly by brain-death. Reports vary on re-animation time, from between 5 minutes up to an hour, after brain-death, the medulla is then fully hijacked by the pathogen.


This digital sculpture was done by the extremely talented Andres Rios. You can check out more of his work here, and make sure to follow him on twitter to see his latest work. 

Mr. Andres Rios has granted Gamma Minus explicit permission to use his work for promotional purposes. 

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