Holliday is just one of the initially playable Survivor characters available in Cold Comfort. You can get an overview of all of the presently slated Survivors here, as well as the Gamma Primes, here.

Here’s what Amanda Irani, the character artist for Holliday, had to say about the process:

I like that Holliday is a tough woman with a very “pick yourself up by your shoelaces” sort of mentality. Also, with her being a practitioner of alternative medicine, I had a lot of flexibility with adding fun accessories to her outfit. To me, the initial figure sculpting is the most relaxing part of the process.
For Holliday in particular, I enjoyed figuring out what fabrics and colors to use for her costume design. Working with her herbal medicine theme had me thinking mostly about organic materials.
Her salt and pepper hair was quite difficult to make, I found. The contrast of the strands was tough to balance, due to her having dark hair and then all of a sudden you have these very white strands. I struggled with it, and in the beginning the hair looked incredibly straw-like.

Retopology is also a major point of contention, only because it’s absolutely necessary yet feels like a waste of time from the perspective of, “I really wish I was making art right now, not doing this.”

 Don’t forget to check out Amanda’s initial character study here, and feel free to check her out on twitter, and give her some love!
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