Our next devstream is planned for Thursday October 19th 2017 at 8 P.M. CET. What’s that kooky time zone thing you ask? Don’t worry, we got ya covered. Just check out this handy link and your time zone math calculations will be a thing of the past! You can thank the ingenuity of 19th Century American railroads for that one.

This devstream is gonna be a doozy too!  We’re gonna have a number of devs onboard, including our very own sound designer, Craig Owen.  Craig will be directing a voice over recording session, where we tackle not only some zombie AI, but also the beloved Brute.

Additionally, Ohle Mathiebe will be working on some custom weapon skins for the Gamma Ultras and Gamma Alphas, that we’ve been promising our Discord Community.  The first 1,000 members automatically get Gamma Alpha status, which enables them to participate in the closed Alpha (when it’s ready!) And of course, there’s the Gamma Ultras, who get an extra weapon skin.

If we’re lucky, our resident “bad ass monster maker” Florent Desailly may hop on and show us some of his progress with Pug!

So, mark it in your calendars, and see you on the twitch stream!

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