The Rat is utilized at the start of the round by the Gamma Prime. Players will embody a rat, and must:

a.) Find the location of the Survivors, (Player and AI alike).
b.) Reanimate as many corpses as they can and
c.) Infect as many Player AI as they can.

Which is more important you ask? That is the conundrum! Let’s take it point by point.


Knowing the location of the Survivors is crucial. In Cold Comfort there are three POIs; in the case of the map Seneca, those being the Hardware Store, The Doctor’s Office and the Gun Store. Each of these three POIs have different resources and it is impossible for a sole Survivor to gather all of the resources during the dusk phase.  So the Survivors have one of two options, either split up, to ensure that as a group, they have a least some supplies from each POI, or go together as a group, and make sure that they have at least supplies for 2 POIs.

As a Gamma Prime, knowing that the Survivors have a limited amount of ammo, building supplies (for barricades/traps), or medical supplies is very vital information and can be utilized from a tactical perspective.


Corpses will be randomly generated each time a map is played according to quadrants. Some quadrants may have a buttload of corpses during one match, and could be practically void of corpses the next match. These corpses need to be bitten by the Gamma Prime controlled rats. Once they are bitten, the reanimation process begins. The amount of corpses that are reanimated during the dusk phase is directly correlated to the spawn pool of the Gamma Prime. The more corpses you reanimate, the more lives you and your fellow Gamma Primes will have.


Besides corpses, zombie AI, and Playable Survivors, there are also Survivor AI AND Survivor AI VIPs.  As a rat, you can infect all of the Survivor classes. Infect you say? Yeah, that’s what I said.
So yeah, basically once a Survivor class is infected, (they may or may not know that they are even infected initially mind you) they are more or less a ticking time bomb. The Gamma Strain will quickly start to shut down critical organs and eventually lead to death and reanimation. Once a Survivor class is infected, and has not been treated, they will succumb to their infection and join the ranks of the walking dead.

Alright that’s enough for now, so sit back, scroll down, and enjoy the awesomely disgusting RAT by resident bad ass monster maker Florent Desailly.

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