We here at Gamma Minus are happy to have the to have the very talented David James Ruth on the team. David has been working on amazing animations for Cold Comfort, bringing our beasts to life.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and about your background?

Born and raised in Tacoma Washington in the United States.  My Dad is Irish and my Mom is Filipino. Grew up in a diverse and open community that helped shape me to who I am today.

Who or what inspired you to get into animation? What inspires you today?

Disney, Video games, Anime, you name it! I’ve been drawing and watching the content that came from these studios and it made me what to try and do that too.  My grandmother is the one who helped me pursue a career in something I love to do and that she keeps me inspired to this day.

What software and tools do you use for your work, and why?

I use Maya for the majority of my animation but I also played with ToonBoom Harmony and Photoshop.  I love Maya because of the control I have for animating a character is simple to me and fun. ToonBoom is for just 2D fun and I use Photoshop on my free time to create fan-art or random inspirations.

Which of your creations are you most proud of and why?

So far, my proudest creations animation wise is Arachna.  I’ve learned so much working with her and thinking of ways to move her was a challenge and I feel proud of the work that I put into her.  Character wise, it’s a hero that I made for a personal story that I hope to bring to life someday.

Is there a specific type of animation that you enjoy doing the most?

I really like animating idle animations and walk cycles.  You can display so much character and life into those simple movements and even tell a story through them.

Could you describe your general creative workflow for us?

Most of my creative workflow comes from references and watching other interpretations of the same animation.  I do the beginning and the end poses first then block out the key poses in between. Afterwards, I space out the poses and judge how long it should take to go from pose to pose.  Lastly, I change the timing of certain body parts to make them less robotic and look more organic as well as animating any body part that hasn’t been moved yet. After watching the same animation over and over again and doing any last minute changes I submit my work haha.

What do you think is essential in becoming an animator? What are you continually trying to improve?

I think an essential part of being an animator is having a reference.  Studying the movements of that reference and implementing that into your character; making sure that movements are not stiff and are as fluid as possible.

Who are your heroes in this industry and why?

Hideo Kojima is a hero in this industry to me.  Not necessarily because of the content he created but his passion and determination to fight for his beliefs and to create whatever he wants no matter what.

What do like about working at Gamma Minus and what would you like to see in the future?

I like the support and motivation from this company.  I feel comfortable and grateful to be apart of something amazing.  I would like to see Gamma Minus grow to be a company people want to work for and create a memorable game people would love.

Could you share any bits of advice for aspiring artists or practicing artists looking to get into the field of animation?

Make friends!  The best way to get into the field is word of mouth and the best words come from the friends that are in the business.  You never know if that friend could land you an interview with the job you want.

What’s the one thing you think is least known about working as an animator for games?

The one thing I know least about animation is probably rigging and blending animations.  Just something I want work harder to improve.

Other than games, where do you go for inspiration?

I go to movies and Art Station for inspiration mostly.

What are your favorite games?

At the moment, God of War and Monster Hunter World are my favorite games!

You can check out David’s Artstation page here.

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