Our animation team has been busy recently! Here’s the first in a series of posts that give you a more in-depth look at our custom animations. These animations are all Survivor-centric ones, showcasing some unique animations that are required for Cold Comfort.


Survivors require building supplies in order to barricade windows and doors. Building Supplies can be found in POIs, for example on the Seneca map, they can be found in the hardware store. Tier 1 barricades are fragile, and can be easily destroyed by Gamma Primes, either by physical force or various abilities. Survivors can remove barricades by holding down the interaction key when facing them, which shows the Survivors pulling out a claw hammer and prying the entire barricade off. Knox has the ability to deploy Tier 2 and Tier 3 barricades in addition to Tier 1.


The Bear Trap (above on the left) and the HBB (above on the right) are just two of the many Survivor’s deployable traps. Depending on the character, and chosen loadout, players can choose from the initially available 10 trap types. Traps are used to either wound Zombies and Gamma Primes, or to simply impede their movement.


Fuses can be recovered from specific POIs, in Seneca for instance, fuses can be found in the Killjoy Arcade. Once these fuses are removed, they can be inserted in a variety of fuse boxes, enabling Survivors to activate interactable objects, including: doors, the sluice control tower, draw bridges etc.

Out of all of the different types of resources found in Cold Comfort, fuses will more often than not, be the last resource that players tend to focus on. In a world suddenly thrown into chaos, ammunition, medical and building supplies often seem like the logical first choices (and in that order).

Seasoned players will learn to utilize fuses tactically, giving them quite the advantage over unseasoned players.

The corpse nests can quietly and easily be opened by utilizing fuses. Once the corpse nest is opened up, the Survivors can simply render the corpses “unfit for transformation”, thus denying the Gamma Prime players not only that potential Zombie support, but essentially negating a potential respawn.


It looks like it’s going to be a close race between Knox and Holliday. Who will win the race? Watch the video clip to the end to find out! All jokes aside, making fluid and natural ladder animations are essential.