The Indie Arena Booth is the biggest shared developer booth in the world and this year’s shows include DreamHack Leipzig (January 24th-26th) and gamescom 2020 (August 27th-30th).

It is an open home for independent game developers from all over the world. It is a platform for the developers as well as a showcase for the colorful and vivid game scene between Avantgarde and AAA, welcoming every developer and game enthusiast to be “part of the family”.

The Indie Arena Booth started as a very small hand-made exhibition space for indie developers at gamescom in 2013. Since then it has grown a lot and became the place to be at gamescom for fresh indie games.

Gamma Minus will be presenting both Cold Comfort as well as Rough Justice: ’84 at the event.

More info about the Indie Arena Booth event can be found here on their website.