In order to create the Cold Comfort user interface, the complex game loop structure meant that concepts had to be created before we could start implementing it. The concepts were created with Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Existing artwork was used for the images. All UI elements were created from scratch. The concept was then iterated / corrected and divided into textures and imported into the game engine (in our case Unreal Engine) and integrated with Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG), animated and programmed (via blueprints).
Here’s the user interface concept as click-through prototype, created in Adobe XD (F11 in Browser is recommended).

This UI and Menu work was done by the very talented Dominik Geuer! Visit his ArtStation and check out some of his other amazing work.


The images above map out the planned menu structure. We’ve gone through a number of iterations, and we’ll surely continue to evolve the menu- so this is not necessarily the final look and feel. With a well planned out menu structure, we effectively reduce guess work- and can easily swap out menu items and experiment. It’s a lengthy process, but if planned out correctly, saves a lot of time in the end.

Weapon Overview

In the weapon overview menu, players will be able to not only view the statistics of each and every weapon, but select weapon modifications, and customizations.  Weapon modifications can range from silencers, extra clips, various types of ammo etc. When it comes to cosmetic weapon customization, players will be able to choose weapon skins and baubles. A good example of weapon customization can be found here, on this post on the AK-47.

Progress Overview

Players will be able to see a detailed breakdown of their character progress. In Cold Comfort, there are three different currencies, DNA, GNA and GMCs. DNA points are used to unlock Survivor gadgets, Skills and Weapon Upgrades. GNA points are utilized to unlock Abilities for Gamma Prime characters, and GMCs are used solely for cosmetic upgrades for both Survivor and Gamma Prime characters. We’ll go further into depth regarding the currencies in Cold Comfort in a later post.