Hi folks,

Welcome to our third patch notes post! We’ll be regularly updating our build, and pushing new versions, and therefore want to get into the routine of effectively relaying the update information to the community. As we are currently in the pre-alpha development stage, the majority of you will not have access to the present built.

However, these patch notes serve two purposes. Firstly, as an archival element, to easily go back and see which issues were addressed, and when. Secondly, to show you, our fans, that we are busy working on Cold Comfort, trying to make it a great experience for you.

Oh wait, there’s a third point, as this is new territory for us, especially in this early stage of development, your opinion regarding the format and information how these updates are conveyed is important. As always, feel free to hop onto our discord community channel and let us know what you think!

Our full update notes are below.

Whats new in version 0.0.3?

November 15th, 2019


  • Added scaffolding to map, to allow rooftop access
  • Added additional mobile digital construction lights to direct characters to extraction points


  • Infection range and ease of infection by using sphere sweep instead of linetrace

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Collision Bug where Corpses were falling through the floor
  • Fixed Zombie attacking behavior Corpse Position is now synced between Server and Client (except when ragdolling)
  • Fixed Infection not working properly with Brute Brute Infects AI now
  • Fixed AI killing other AI Used optimized map now

Known Issues:

  • It’s still possible to push the AI around which is probably caused by collision profiles not properly updating